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All in The bitcoin family SERIES IS going LIVE on 5th of April

all in the bitcoin family

The family

After 3 years of being followed by June te Spenke (Made in June) our series, ALL IN THE BITCOIN FAMILY, is going live on Amazon prime.

Why 5th of April?

After being in the Bitcoin industry for 11 years Didi wanted to time the date perfectly in line with the halving of April 2024. That’s mostly the moment when the BTC price starts to increase an make new all time hight. Which better date to choose than the birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

Fourteen years after the launch of Bitcoin, the real identity of its aliased creator (or group of creators) Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown. Crypto enthusiasts have been trying to dig out the identity veiled behind this name for years now. They have built several theories around every single publicly available detail attached to this pseudonymous identity, including his/her/their birthday.

Nakamoto registered his/her/their birthday as April 5, 1975, on the P2P Foundation. This is the platform where he/she/they first mentioned the conceptualization of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Given that the name was fake, people suspect the birthday is made up, too. But they have also noticed that April 5 is a very significant date in U.S. monetary history: It is the anniversary of Executive Order 6102 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. The order outlawed the private ownership or “hoarding” of gold coin, bullion and certificates. People were allowed small amounts valued under $100 at the time, for use in industrial trades, or a few other exceptions.

The order required Americans to hand over any significant amount of gold to the Federal Reserve in exchange for dollars. FDR then devalued those dollars to make it easier to repay the huge debt that had built up during the Great Depression.

so 5th of April just before the halving of 2024 was in my opinion the perfect date to launch “ALL-IN THE BITCOIN FAMILY” on amazon Prime

all in the bitcoin family

All in the bitcoin family Story

The series will of course start with why we as a family chose to take the steps of going all-in in Bitcoin. What were the reasons and why change the complete lifestyle?


“Is he a crazyman, a lunatic or there’s something there?” In 2017, Father Didi Taihuttu, his wife Romaine and their three young daughters Joli, Juna and Jessa sold all their belongings and put it all into Bitcoin. They decided to travel the world together and lead by example. They became international celebrities and Didi becomes a cult figure and more families including his own brother and sister follow their lead.

It all starts when June te Spenke meets the family in Mexico 2021, at that time the daughters are 14, 13 and 10 years old. Didi is attending a crypto meet up: “We are disrupting the mother fucking bank system”, people are cheering loudly: “I love Bitcoin”. Didi is against the regular school system and is home schooling his kids.
From here the taihuttu family is followed for 3 years and is shown how the kids grew up and how their life has slowly changed into a Bitcoin lifestyle and what that means to the family.


It’s not only about Bitcoin but mainly about how a family has changed their lifestyle through embracing btc as their core currency while traveling the world unbanked supporting poor people everywhere they go.

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